Helping hospitals enhance transitions of care.

Using technology, analysis, and the human touch to improve post-discharge patient experiences.

Our Mission

We collaborate with hospitals to enhance patients' transitions of care. Our passion is to promote patient health, satisfaction and loyalty while providing insight into the post-discharge experience. With our innovative communication platform and in-depth analytics, we support hospitals' financial well-being by reducing avoidable readmissions and allowing optimal use of skilled nursing resources.

Evidence of Readmission Reductions

Profile of Our First 100,000 Patients



Hospital Strategies to Reduce Heart Failure Readmissions: Where Is the Evidence?

Provocative commentary on recent, paradoxical findings, and an argument against letting financial considerations trump good science.  The authors both praise and go beyond the work of researchers such as Bradley, Krumholz et al.

Working together with client hospitals, we…

  • Enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Give greater visibility into the post-discharge experience
  • Increase the efficiency of nursing work
  • Reduce readmissions
  • Uncover risk factors for readmission
  • Create statistical models of readmission so hospitals can target interventions to patients most in need

Applications of Our Services:

  • 30-day post-discharge follow-up
  • Assessment of satisfaction with hospital
  • Maternity messaging
  • Chronic disease management support
  • Post-ED-visit follow-up
  • Pre- and post-surgery calls

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