“We’re hearing the voice of our patients in a way and volume we never have before.”
– Patricia A. Vida, Continuum Administrator, Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center


As hospitals from California to Pennsylvania have learned, ReInforced Care’s combination of experience and disciplined process methodology not only reduces the cost of outreach almost immediately, but the insights gleaned from our data analytics and reporting will help you better understand where your post-discharge procedures could be improved; enabling even better care, even better patient satisfaction, even lower readmissions, and even more cost savings.

Furthermore, we facilitate communication between all of the relevant parties – hospitals, patients, skilled nursing facilities, doctors – “connecting the dots” to ensure the best possible post-discharge care, and enabling medical professionals to route treatment to the right providers. There’s no better way to help prepare for the requirements of being an Accountable Care Organization than ensuring you have good patient engagement and visibility into your post-discharge patient experience.


Your Hospital’s Role

We would expect your hospital to play an important role in ensuring the success of this service.  In our experience, the best outcomes are achieved when hospitals view us not just as vendors but as partners.  The hospital will, with our help, arrange for the exchange of data that will enable us to conduct the PM360™ service.  Your hospital will also need to review and ideally to provide input into the scripts that our call center follows when speaking to patients.  Not least important, the hospital will need to designate a small group of health professionals – typically nurse case managers but often also social workers and pharmacists – who can step in and assist those patients whose cases we have escalated to you.  Alignment and close coordination across all care transition parties are vital to successful care transitions.


Disease-Specific Programs

     – with support for Joint Commission certification –


See how hospitals benefit from our outreach to patients hospitalized for

  • Heart failure, Heart attack
  • Pneumonia, COPD
  • Stroke
  • Bariatric or Joint-Replacement surgery


ReInforced Care Case Studies

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital – Milton


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