About Us

ReInforced Care provides proactive patient follow-up and real-time alerts for hospitals, health systems, and accountable care organizations.

Using a state-of-the-art technology platform which includes multi-channel communication, patient-specific protocols, and a unique Clinician Portal, we are able to reach a large number of patients live in a consistent and comprehensive way. We reinforce discharge instructions, inform patients of available resources, and support healthy behavior. When our outreach uncovers an unmet patient need, we provide structured, timely information to enable rapid and targeted clinician follow-up. Our service has a record of improving patient outcomes, notably hospital readmission rates.

Our services are primarily focused on assisting hospitals with patients discharged home, whether or not home health services are involved. We also support health care institutions via appointment reminders; chronic disease management support; pre- and post-surgery calls; social support; wellness class notices; and public health announcements such as on flu shots, drug recalls, and weather conditions that may affect health.

ReInforced Care offers its clients advanced data analytics through standard monthly and quarterly reporting; risk modeling and scoring; and customized in-depth analyses of patient characteristics, behaviors, opinions, and outcomes.

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