Data Analysis

Insights, Not Just Outreach


“Your work provides some nice theoretical and statistical underpinning for the decisions we have made.”
Yancy Y. Phillips, M.D., Chief Quality Officer, Holy Cross Health, Silver Spring, MD


It’s one thing to be able to successfully reach out to patients after discharge. It’s another to be able to turn their feedback and actions and other data into a continuous learning experience for your hospital.  That’s all part of the equation with ReInforced Care™.

Our comprehensive approach to reducing readmissions includes insightful, actionable, data-driven reporting on patient characteristics, responses, and outcomes.  Our reporting supports your hospital’s efforts at continuous improvement.  You’ll understand your patient population at a deeper level than before.  You’ll learn about your population’s risk factors for readmission.  You’ll see how your discharge planning and transitional care are working – and discover beneficial changes you could make.

Have questions about seasonal patterns in readmission rates?  Curious about the role of mental health?  Want to see whether medical practices differ in readmission rates—and how this might relate to patient characteristics?  We can build in analyses of such questions into our reports and presentations.  And we can design other sophisticated analyses to fit your own unique questions.

Partner with ReInforced Care and take advantage of the insights you can gain. As a result, patient care continually improves, investments are optimized, and costs are minimized.


Evidence of Readmission Reductions

See details of our success in collaborating with hospitals to reduce readmissions.


Analytic Capabilities

A lively sampling of the kinds of questions we address and the ways in which hospitals have profited from these analyses.


Risk Scoring

Some clients ask us to provide readmission risk scores for each patient.  This application of predictive modeling allows a hospital to selectively target special interventions – either inpatient or post-discharge – toward those who need them most.  For a detailed description of our approach to risk scoring and how it can help your hospital, please see our  white paper.


Profile of Our Patients

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