Data Analytics

Transforming patient data into actionable information

“The advent of big data analytics has potential to empower health care providers to make timely and truly evidence-based informed decisions to provide more effective and personalized treatment while reducing the costs of this care to patients.”

– The Impact of Big Data on Chronic Disease Management,

ReInforced Care’s analytics-driven SaaS technology solution helps physicians reach the most at-risk patients, at the right time, for the right care – turning data into decisions improving chronic care management  

Empowering providers to make better informed decisions

Our analytics approach

  • Patient data is captured and analyzed for specific attributes and neighborhood characteristics
  • Data is then transformed into risk scores, profiles are created and segmented for higher volume opportunities 
  • Profiles are matched with panels that are assigned to care teams for focused outreach and communications
  • Business rules and patient workflows are automated to help streamline processes that drive focused communications for the right patient, at the right time, for the right care
  • Data is captured throughout the process from outreach and communications to real-time escalations, and analyzed for actionable insights, improved patient care, retention and continuous process improvement


  • Timely and evidence-informed decisions that help care teams focus their outreach
  • Improved patient outcomes and continuous process improvement
  • Reduced cost of chronic disease burden

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