Financial Benefits

ROI of Partnering with ReInforced Care

An average ROI of 285% is for real. Read our detailed breakdown showing how six types of benefits can improve your bottom line.

  • Savings through readmission reduction.
  • Savings through reduced length of stay among patients that do readmit.
  • Added revenues through increased in-network medical appointments.
  • …and more.

Other Financial Aspects of the ReInforced Care Solution

  • No staffing, software, or infrastructure investment required.
  • Does not increase operating costs — in fact, it can reduce them. Read why.
  • Enables more efficient use of nursing and case management personnel.
  • Increases available bed capacity, which can be backfilled with more profitable cases (since index admissions typically create more revenue than readmissions). Read why.

Joint Replacement Outweighs Other Factors in Determining CMS Readmission Penalties

Our statistical examination of the penalties and the performance indicators on which they most depend.

How can I predict my hospital’s CMS penalty? How much do we save with each readmission we prevent?

Our 2013 white paper discusses methods of predicting a hospital’s penalty and of determining the savings associated with readmission reduction. The paper draws on the calculations used by CMS and introduces our original methods for estimating these important quantities.

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