Financial Benefits

Partnering with ReInforced Care

ReInforced Care’s solution benefits physician practices through revenue enablement opportunities and improved clinical staff efficiencies. Here’s how we can add more revenue and profitability to your business. 

Revenue Enablement

Provide new care management services. A physician practice that has a patient population of 40,000, and approximately 6,800 patients that are eligible for chronic care management (CCM), has the potential to increase its revenue by approximately $48K/month ($576K annually), by completing claims for 17% of its eligible population (1,156), an annual estimated net profit of $296K. No upfront software investments or infrastructure are required. 

Physician practices already providing CCM can complete approximately 36% more claims/month using ReInforced Care’s patient communication platform. Using manual processes, the average nurse can complete one claim in approximately 52 minutes. With ReInforced Care, nurses can expect to complete a claim in 38 minutes resulting in incremental revenue month.

Improved Efficiencies

Enables more efficient use of nursing staff. By improving processes and automating billing documentation, nursing staffs can serve more patients through increased contact rates and approve more calls for reimbursement.

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