Disease-Specific Programs


Our partner hospitals have often found it beneficial to design with us outreach programs targeted to patients with specific conditions. These programs support patients as well as the hospital by offering helpful reminders and asking targeted questions. We may reach out to all patients with specific diagnoses, at specific timeframes post-discharge. These services can additionally benefit hospitals by helping them meet requirements for certification by
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For example, we may

  • Remind heart failure patients to check their weight and to look for other signs of fluid retention
  • Ask heart attack patients about chest pain and shortness of breath, and verify that they can afford and are taking their prescribed medications
  • Find out how well bariatric surgery patients are tolerating the recommended diet and activity level
  • Emphasize to pneumonia patients the importance of completing their course of antibiotics
  • Make sure that stroke patients are not experiencing any new decline in ADLs since discharge
  • Learn how well total joint replacement patients are following their physical therapy regimen

Such programs can be customized to dovetail with existing hospital initiatives. They can also be combined with our standard PM360™ plan. Any red-flag issues trigger a real-time alert to the hospital’s response team via the preferred medium — email, text, pager, or our Information Portal.

Finally, our clients have valued the disease-specific reporting we have designed with and for them. This has included descriptive statistics available through automated, monthly reports, as well as the more in-depth multivariate and predictive analyses we have provided.