Our Solution

Providing continuity of chronic care management from the office to patient homes

Chronic care management (CCM) is a critical component of primary care that contributes to better outcomes and higher satisfaction for patients… providing CCM services takes provider time and effort.” 

– Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

What are your top challenges in providing CCM?

  • Identifying patients that are most at-risk
  • Manual and inefficient outreach to patients
  • Overwhelmed medical care teams
  • Lost revenue reimbursement 
  • Retaining in-network patients

ReInforced Care’s analytics driven SaaS technology solution helps with these challenges by enabling physicians to identify the right patient, at the right time, for the right care, resulting in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction

Here’s how we do it

  • Our solution analyzes patient data for diagnosis and chronic conditions
  • Identifies high risk patients for those more likely to need CCM
  • Enables focused patient outreach for opt-ins, enrollment and on boarding
  • Creates patient specific protocols and communications for care follow up
  • Analytics and reporting for continuous process improvements
  • Support for patient enrolling patients (opt-ins) and on boarding


  • One SaaS platform that integrates with EMR, appointment and billing systems to manage CCM ​
  • Built on a communications/technology platform​
  • Streamlined and scalable process that manages complex initiatives​
  • Effective optimization of medical care teams​
  • Higher patient enrollment, satisfaction and care​
  • Focused communications with patients​
  • Documentation for billing and revenue reimbursement​
  • In-depth analytics for continuous process improvement​
  • Maximized patient satisfaction, revenue growth and profitability​

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